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Flexible interface

by stefanhendriks on December 4th, 2010

I’ve had the chance to use a wide screen monitor. And, I noticed the 800×600 resolution is just not that nice with such monitors. Since I had been rewriting the GUI parts, I just thought I would pick it up and make it really flexible now.

Its not done yet, but since most important functionality is already flexible, the game is very playable. But, it just not looks right.

Here is an example, running on 1024×768 resolution. I have also tried it on 1600×900 , and it works like a charm. The white rectangle is where the, so called ‘candybar’ will come. After that I have to fill up the sidebar properly and give the icons more space.

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  1. athanasios permalink

    That’s a better approach.

  2. DRLHyper permalink

    Good that you are keeping progress with this, I am fan of your editor.

    Also, a side note: I know we all want to keep the regular colors for each house, but in skirmish, should it not be possible to choose your own color…? I mean, that way we could have 4 v 4 or even more sized battlefields. Currently the best we could do would be the 6 free-for-all with Sardaukar, Freemen, Mercenary, Atreides, Ordos, and Harkonnen.

  3. athanasios permalink

    BTW, I believe that the current implementation of the colors (on vehicles) is a bit toy-ish. Dune2000 got it better, though the vehicles there could have some more hues than just gray. Of course it was a palette limitation, and partially the same applies here, but custom stuff could be added as project matures.

    In addition, it is most suitable to mention this here:
    For better graphics we would need larger tiles, so we can have better detail. For example X2 would add needed detail and fill the viewport in larger resolutions, thus not revealing almost all the map on the viewport. Since in Dune tiles are square is it easy to implement it?

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