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by stefanhendriks on February 4th, 2011

It has been a while. I’ve been very busy with real life issues. However, I’d like to thank you all for contributing to this project. Recently I have recieved 2 patches within 48 hours. One fixes the harvester stuck bug. Another regarding fblend and 64 bit linux OS’s.

I encourage you to keep doing this. I am always open for enhancing the project in many ways. A lot of things are on my TODO list. But if you are an expert on one of those things, don’t hasitate to contact me. A few things on my wish-list:
– restructure the project
– make it easier to check-out, and compile/run on your OS
– run unit tests (In java or C# this is so easy, but for C/C++ I haven’t found an easy way yet)

  1. danny permalink

    Did you apply the 64bit fblend patch? Just wondering how you solved this as I think fblend has no 64bit support. Is the way to just compile everything 32bits?

    I wonder if I just should write a wrapper to use the allegro blend routines instead; fblend is not portable nor very well supported anymore and the allegro people should speed up their blend routines if they are really too slow.

  2. danny permalink

    oh, that link to the github version is nice. It has a building system that works out of the box (the one in svn is not really working for me). Thanks!

    • Yes, I am really happy with that. If possible I’d like to make it as easy for everyone to compile the source. So I really encourage this branch. I try to merge as much as I can. I don’t know CMake, but it looks like a tool like Ant/Maven in the world of Java?

      • danny permalink

        I do not know much about cmake either. I used to be a package maintainer so I have seen my share of autotools problems, and I can fix most issues. But I was happy that cmake seemed to work without me needing to edit things.

        Since the github tree seems to be closely following your svn repo it is currently probably the easiest way for people using unix-like systems.

        The game works on 64 bit linux, though there are some bugs. Will have to see whether I find time and energy to contribute some things.

        • I’ve tried it a bit, but it doesn’t seem to work immidiately on windows. I’m glad it works for you on linux easily. Perhaps some day we can figure out how to make it work for both environments.

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