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Skirmish mode working again

by stefanhendriks on March 17th, 2011

I had refactored quite a lot. So much that I had broken a few existing features. Like skirmish mode. Just entering skirmish mode caused the game to crash. This is now fixed. I can now continue fixing up the GUI there and then finally release another unstable!

  1. Villordsutch permalink

    Found your revamp of Dune 2 via wikipedia the other day as I have finally got around to reading Dune. I seem to have problems saving the game I cannot click on the OPTIONS button. I can save the game at all.

    Really really love the game. Takes me back many a moon when I would look up from my computer to discover it was 3am and I would think oooo 10 more minutes.

    Thanks for taking the time to make this game great again.

    • You read the book. Great 😉 Yeah the options button does not work. I should really add that. Many people miss it.

      Thanks for the compliments! I hope it gets better and better and you keep enjoying it. By all means, don’t hesitate to spread the word 😉

  2. I changed to Mac about a half year ago. I’m really sad there is no mac build for your game :/

    I have tried the other clones of Dune 2 (open dune and Dune legacy/lunacy) but it seems they are either moving quite slow or impossible to get in contact with, so its great to see that you are still working 🙂

    You rock 😉 now.. about that mac build.

    • Well, in fact someone got it to work on Linux native. It should work on Wine, and I thought Wine also worked for Mac sort-off?

      Anyway. Perhaps if someone who owns a mac knows how to compile/create a binary. Then who knows it might be sooner done then you think.

  3. I guess I need to create some attention around this project then 🙂

    Yeah well.. the mac-stuff is also quite new to me 🙂 i don’t have as much time as i did before to experiment with my new os. But i guess i should give wine a go someday..

  4. Hi
    just found this after playing with the original in dosbox thinking hmm someone has probably written a new frontend by now like doom etc. Turns out someone has 🙂

    love it will keep an eye on the project. looking forward to next release.

    btw I noticed the map didn’t display anything.

  5. Excellent work! 🙂
    I added it to my (french) Dune site.

    Thank you!
    PS: i tried to open the source in VS, but I can’t find the dune 2.sln file from the svn…

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