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What is going on?

by stefanhendriks on October 4th, 2011

In case you’re wondering if anything is being worked on… Let me shed some light…

You can see for yourself here.

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  1. Nice! That’s some tasty news 🙂

    It’s great to see that there actually is a lot of progress. PLUS I see that you have been working a bit with yann on a possible linux/mac port – which would be awesome.

    Keep up the great work Stefan. You rock!

    • Thanks.

      About linux/mac os x, it still has to come a long way. Mainly because the dependencies are not compilable yet in other OS’s. Anyway, I’ve been told that d2tm works quite well under wine.

  2. wine it is then 🙂 i currently have Crossover installed. I’ll give it a go when i have the time.

    Do you have a roadmap or any news on the next release?

    • I don’t have a roadmap to present yet, but I do have thoughts about that. Will put it into a new page asap. Just released a new unstable.

  3. Matthew permalink

    Hi, I just found this game today, and Im so glad someone is working on a Dune 2 remake, as it was one of my favourite games when it was released, looks like progress is fairly fast, I tried the builds, and Im very impressed wwith what is there, can’t wait for the full game, as this game was so epic for the time, and nice you are keeping to the traditional look

    you have my support,, so thank your for making this, and hope you finish it, as this would be awesome to play again

    • Thanks a lot. I hope I can live up to the expectations for the next stable release (0.5). 🙂

      • Matthew permalink

        looking forward to 0.5, would have been nice if you worked on the campaign instead of skimish, but I understand, working on one item at a time would make things easier, maybe later, I have to admit, I love the GUI over the other remakes, D2 legacy and Dune IV, yours is more in line to the original game then the others,

        so by far your remake if you continue and finish it would be the better game, love the lighting effects too, so anyway can’t wait for 0.5, not a programmer myself, sadly, so I can’t help there, but I remember the original game fondly and a bit of a beta tester,, but anyway good luck with getting a stable release out, as Im really looking forward to playing this once more

        • Thanks for the compliments. I work on it, because I love to work on dune 2, as it has also a very nostalgic feeling to me. Also, because I’ve worked on this project, I can develop software now for a living. So it also made me who I am in a way 🙂

          If you have found any bugs in the next stable (0.5), don’t hasitate to email me about them.

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