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Whats happening?

by stefanhendriks on February 17th, 2012

If you think there is nothing happening, you’re wrong. I have decided, after much thinking, to rewrite the engine. I will use a different library and I will try my best with makefiles (although my experience with them is virtually zero with them. I am too spoiled with Ant/Maven in Java ;)).

I keep a development blog here

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  1. Andrei permalink

    I think what you’re doing is great ! Actually it’s beyond great. I always wanted to have the original Dune II feeling but with the advantage of selecting more units at once, or making teams of units. And ofcourse, the graphics. I like the fact that you didn’t change the original look of the buildings and units. It’s awsome ! Keep it up !

  2. “The page you asked for does not exist.” .. but the project is still ongoing?

    Seems lime Richie is still working on Dune Legacy, but there haven’t been any updates for a loooong time. Open Dune has stopped their development since they don’t know which way to go – I guess.

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