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I believe…

by stefanhendriks on September 20th, 2013

… that Dune has the most intriguing universe ever created.

… that Dune 2 is the coolest game ever made with the greatest impact on its genre.

… it is possible to make D2TM a RTS which has all the goodness of today’s RTS’s and yet keeps the feeling you had in the days of the original Dune 2.

… playing against other humans/AI is more fun than the campaign missions

… there is enough creativity around (in you?) that can make D2TM even better.

… with every contribution, D2TM grows stronger, better and more fun.

… D2TM should be a project of the community, not of a few authors.

… if you want to contribute, don’t hesitate. Be creative, there is always something. (for example: add ideas to the forum for instance?)

… if you’re a coder and you want to contribute, just head to the Github repo, fork it, and start submitting pull requests. (every little change helps!)

with your help, we can definitely make D2TM rock again!

Thank you!

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  1. Koji permalink


    Will you be using C++11? Would you consider swapping SDL for SFML?

  2. Currently we don’t use C++11 , but I strongly encourage influences from the community. So if C++11 is the way to go, sure.

    Same goes for SFML. At the moment SDL is used (1.2). As long as the functionality remains, we could switch libraries. You’re free to fork, make it for SFML and propose it as a pull request. Although such an architectual change is not trivial to make. (personally I’d rather build the rocket launcher, of infantry, than again refactor for another library).

  3. Koji permalink

    Sounds good.

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