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Dune 2 – The Maker – 4J! (for Java)

by stefanhendriks on October 3rd, 2016

In my previous post I told you I abandoned the project.


I did abandon it. But then something happened.


Slowly, over time, I wanted to work on this ‘game’ again. This time I would start from scratch, in Java, and work on this engine. I wanted to know if it would work in Java, but also how to deal with testability of the code (something I strive for in my professional work as Software Developer).

The pace I have been working on this new thing has quickened and its reaching an Alpha #3 stage. This means it is far from anything but a game, although it does seem to do quite a lot already. In fact you can download and play it (or if you’re really bold, grab the source, build it yourself and play it). – also wait a bit longer and I’ll release Alpha 3… you can only download Alpha #2 now.


My aim with this project is two-fold. But I’ll let you in on that in the future.


This post is meant to let you know something is growing. If you just want to see a screenshot of something recent. Here ya go:



But if you want to see youtube video’s of the construction of the game so far (Alpha 1, 2 and 3) then watch these playlists

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