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Dune 2 – The Maker – 4J – Devlog – DeathHand

by stefanhendriks on July 14th, 2017

When I starting dune2themaker4j, one of the first I wanted to do was create a nuclear missile in the game.

They are awesome right? Well at least to look at 😉

Although the idea was cool, there was not much of a game engine to begin with. I mean, creating a nuclear missile without things to blow up would be a bit of a waste. So I decided to get basic stuff working first. Map rendering, camera movement, unit / buildings rendering, etc.

But a while back, I wanted to do this awesome thing again.

So lately we started working on this again. We actually have it so far we can ‘build’ it from any structure (you can configure it in the rules.ini file). For now it is hard coded.

We want things to be more flexible, scriptable perhaps. This means a “super power” as the deathhand is basically a ‘script’ that is executed. In the case of a deathhand it would shoot a projectile (missile) to the target. But you can think of many more super powers which should do different things. Especially if you look into the C&C scene where super powers may even require multiple actions from the player.

Although we do not build all of that at once, we do prepare for it.

So far our pull-request is going along well. For now we actually made the super power script a bit more complex. It would shoot a rocket, then detonate and from there spawn multiple other rockets for every unit on the map. (yes even friendly ones).

Because it is fun to do.

In the more grand scheme of things, this is just one of the many gameplay elements for Alpha #4. Alpha #4 (or v 0.0.4) is quite a big upgrade compared to Alpha #3.

With Alpha #4 you get some basic economy rules, building a base, and also firing a deathhand!

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    – Harconnen Heavy Troops not use nigh machine gun
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