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Provide feedback

If you would like to provide feedback, contribute, etc, you can do so in many ways:

– Post at the forums at fed2k
– Send en email to
– Send a DM at twitter at dune2themaker
Add an issue at the dune2themaker project at Github
– Are you a coder, and want to help out? Fork the project, check out of the ‘todo’ list, code the feature and offer it as pull request.

Either way your feedback is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Hi Stefan,

    I see you’ve sorted out a working site here!

    I am more than happy to join the and the versions to be as one – using your CMS.

    If you can send me the FTP and mySQL details, I’ll clone it and link it all up. I’ll also apply some design stuff to the top.

    Gallery2 will work with this – so everything you had in the previous gallery will be there for all to see.

    If I can populate all your past posts to the archive, I’ll sort this out for you.

    I have a little time before I start work on 4th Jan, so let me know.

    All the best,


  2. Hi there. It’s just mindblowing! Played with fullscreen version a bit. I’ve spoted some bugs in demo4 version:

    1) I can’t press “OPTIONS” button, so I can’t configure game the way I want
    2) If you built refinery carryal won’t put harvester on it, it will fly over and put it on the ground.
    3) Unit command latency, e.g they react slowly.

    I can help with graphics as well (enhance some screens).

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