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Feb 14 11

Improved screen resolution detection

by stefanhendriks

This weekend a few patches have been applied, submitted by Peter. The optimal screen detection mechanism is much neater now. Along the way code has been cleaned. The project structure has been changed a bit as well (all source files are now under a SRC folder). Probably the structure will change a bit from here since I want to apply some architectural changes to seperate some concerns (or atleast, make a start).

Another feature (also thanks to Peter) is that you can now specify your resolution in the GAME.INI file. Also you can specify if you use the MP3 add-on and if you want to run the game full-screen or windowed.

On top of that, a patch has been applied so that the game should be more friendly for Linux 64 bit users. I don’t have a linux distro running, hopefully someone should be able to confirm this. Also, the build process should have been more fluent for linux users as well.

All in all its getting better and better! I’ll probably be releasing a new unstable release soon.

Feb 4 11


by stefanhendriks

It has been a while. I’ve been very busy with real life issues. However, I’d like to thank you all for contributing to this project. Recently I have recieved 2 patches within 48 hours. One fixes the harvester stuck bug. Another regarding fblend and 64 bit linux OS’s.

I encourage you to keep doing this. I am always open for enhancing the project in many ways. A lot of things are on my TODO list. But if you are an expert on one of those things, don’t hasitate to contact me. A few things on my wish-list:
– restructure the project
– make it easier to check-out, and compile/run on your OS
– run unit tests (In java or C# this is so easy, but for C/C++ I haven’t found an easy way yet)

Dec 24 10

Christmas present

by stefanhendriks

It is christmas evening (atleast now in the Netherlands). And, as a little present to you I have released a new unstable release. A new feature is that it will automatically try to find the best suitable resolution in full-screen mode. For now it uses the following resolutions: 1920X1080, 1600X900, 1280X1024, 1024×768, 800X600.

Merry X-mas!

Dec 4 10

Flexible interface

by stefanhendriks

I’ve had the chance to use a wide screen monitor. And, I noticed the 800×600 resolution is just not that nice with such monitors. Since I had been rewriting the GUI parts, I just thought I would pick it up and make it really flexible now.

Its not done yet, but since most important functionality is already flexible, the game is very playable. But, it just not looks right.

Here is an example, running on 1024×768 resolution. I have also tried it on 1600×900 , and it works like a charm. The white rectangle is where the, so called ‘candybar’ will come. After that I have to fill up the sidebar properly and give the icons more space.

Nov 22 10

A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

by stefanhendriks

I’ve had some problems with my internet connection lately. And, when it worked… I was playing Starcraft II a bit. Really liking that game.

On D2TM news, I have moved around some code. Next thing to do is to fix all screens to fit 800×600 resolution. I will probably redesign the Skirmish menu. Perhaps you have a good idea on how it should look like? If so , place a comment.

After all that stuff, I will work on the unit code. That would really improve the game quite a bit. Once the unit code is refactored, there is so much more to do… let me elaborate: an options menu, rewrite the skirmish AI, score system/statistics, bigger maps (128×128 or even 256×256 max). Refactor some in-game effects… Multiplayer.. Probably some other neat ideas you come up with … Oh so much to do and so little time πŸ™‚

Do you already follow the dune2themaker twitter? It will tell you immediately when certain new features are being ‘delivered’ in the coming version. This is thanks to Pivotal Tracker that pushes updates to the twitter account. Neat!

Nov 14 10

[Requested] D2TM (v0.4.4, unstable, revision 337) released

by stefanhendriks

Even though my plan was to release a new unstable version after I have cleaned up interface issues due upping the resolution to 800×600. Athanasios at the dune2k forums requested for a new unstable release regardless.

Of course, with a big disclaimer I will fullfill that request. You can grab the latest revision (337) from the unstable releases page. Along with it I have updated that page so it describes more clear what kind of unstable releases will be coming.

As always you can let me know what you think.

Nov 13 10

D2TM on 800×600 part III

by stefanhendriks

Worked a bit on the interface again. The black rectangles are now replaced by the scroll buttons. Also fixed some crash bugs regarding the minimap. In fact, it could be fixed by removing old code and reusing existing code from elsewhere. I really like how all this refactoring is paying off now.

When the game is 100% working in 800×600 I will release a new unstable release.

A screenshot (click on the image to view the full-sized version):

Nov 10 10

D2TM on 800Γ—600 part II

by stefanhendriks

Because of all the hard work (refactoring) in the past, regarding the sidebar and so forth, it was now quite easy to alter the code to support the 800×600 resolution. Theoretically it should be working with all resolutions (as long as the sidebar is 160 pixels wide).

While adjusting code to support the 800×600 resolution I have decided to make the interface more flexible. Although it still uses (for now) a static bitmap to draw the general interface, a lot more things are drawn separately.

Although it is not finished yet (the sidebar has a bit crappy graphics in the space, that exists due the height increase (480 vs 600 pixels)), i am quite pleased with the result. If you think you can contribute to the general interface graphics, just check out the code with SVN. I have introduced a graphics folder which contains BMP files that I am using in the game. This way even non-programmers should be able to contribute (if they would like to).

Another screenshot (click on it to view the full-sized screenshot):

Like it? Don’t like it? Let me know! πŸ™‚

Btw: The two black rectangles are areas where the up/down scroll buttons will be drawn. I have the gfx ready, but I’m not finished with the code yet…

Also, did you notice that I have introduced an add-ons & maps page recently?

Nov 7 10

D2TM on 800×600 part I

by stefanhendriks

As told before I was pondering about 800×600. I just simply changed the values 640×480 into 800×600 and this is what the engine gave me:

Not bad, considering everything worked quite good except for a few (very) noticable things:

  1. As predicted, the ui Β is still 640×480
  2. The credits are drawn properly , but looks weird due nr 1.
  3. The minimap is drawn ok, but you cannot select where to go, you actually have to go to the very bottom right.
  4. The map boundaries are not always respected; making the game crash sometimes.
Nov 7 10

Development Blog

by stefanhendriks

After the latest WIP release; the clean/refactor work has been continued. The recent svn log shows a restructuring of the header files. This was needed to have clear ‘sections’ of where certain code should belong.

The next step is to refactor units (finally!). The main goals is to have the same behavior as it is now, but with a lot of fixes. Especially the Harvester and its relation to the refinery have some bugs now.

Along with refactoring units, I’d like to abstract drawing ‘stuff’ (units, buildings, projectiles, etc) on the screen. So I can make it even easier to do, and give me the possibility to add a more fluent movement. This basically means that the ‘cells’ on the map and the movement on them will be separated. The current situation is that units are on cells, and they have each a specific offset of that cell. This means the movement of one cell to another is basically shifting off the original cell X,Y using the offset. And, when finally on the other cell; simply take over that cell as the current and reset the offsets. The new situation should actually have precise X,Y coordinates and the cell coordinates should be calculated from that. (sort of how the air units work now).

Also, I am pondering about upping the resolution to 800×600, perhaps even 1024×768. In these cases I need some updated gfx, so these changes take time (I need a graphics/pixel artist to help me out on that). If you have some skills, please let me know.