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Jul 8 12

A matter of time

by stefanhendriks

I love working on this project.

In fact, I have so many ideas still, I would love to make them reality. But the truth is, life with two children, a full workweek and such is taking its toll. I do work on this project from time to time, but not at the frequence as I would love to. Rather I’d work on this project every week for a consistent amount of time.

Some of you are wondering if there is anything happening, and I really like that. It tells me you care about this project.

I was thinking about how I’d like to speed up project development, and basicly it means that when nothing changes the pace of the project will be slow for a long time.

If only I could take a day off from time to time to work dedicated on this project.

Taking unpaid leave for a day costs money (~ around $120 USD). And thats a bit too much to do on a frequent basis from my own pocket. So I use the spare time I have.

So I have decided to put up a donate button in order to give you the possibility to donate money, solely so I can buy some time off for this.

Even when nobody donates I will continue on this project. But it would really help if you would donate (even just a little). To give you an idea:

~ $120 USD equals one day of unpaid leave.
~ $60 USD equals half a day of unpaid leave.
~ $15 USD equals an hour of unpaid leave.

Thank you for your support!

Feb 17 12

Whats happening?

by stefanhendriks

If you think there is nothing happening, you’re wrong. I have decided, after much thinking, to rewrite the engine. I will use a different library and I will try my best with makefiles (although my experience with them is virtually zero with them. I am too spoiled with Ant/Maven in Java ;)).

I keep a development blog here

Oct 12 11


by stefanhendriks

So recently I was asked about a roadmap of Dune II – The Maker. And frankly, the only thing I had on my mind was just to keep on working and release more often. My ‘roadmap’ looked a lot like this:


I did not really had a fixed scope, or goal for the next (0.5) release.

A lot of time has passed, and a lot of work is done, but yet the amount of releases is not as high as I would’ve liked it to be. And, neither are their feature sets. They are mostly refactoring, and limited new features.

This has to change.

And a roadmap can help me with that.

The roadmap i’ve laid down is pretty straight forward. I came to this roadmap by first writing down a few user stories which I think that should be in the game to consider it ‘finished’. Then, I decided how much work it would be to implement / finish a user story. I did this on a gut feeling basis.

I actually found that the user stories where fairly big. Because of the size of the user stories, I have made the following decision:

The coming stable release will contain only one user story:

The reason for this is simple:

  • it gives direction
  • it forces me to handle the main menu properly and the skirmish mode properly
  • it forces me to have the (in game) engine ready enough to be playable
  • it forces me to fix some bugs here and there

Only when I have finished this user story I will look at other big things to do. When I refactor, I will do so in the benefit of this user story. When I throw away code, I do that to achieve my goal set above. All actions should derive from this.

So when will this version be released? Frankly I have no clue. The amount of work is quite a lot, and my time is limited. Nevertheless, I am working on it big time, so just keep visiting and keep yourself updated. You can also follow Dune II The Maker at twitter!

Oct 7 11

D2TM (v0.4.6, unstable, revision 524) released

by stefanhendriks

A new unstable has been released. There are a lot of changes under the hood, but you will not find any changes in functionality. In fact, one major functionality is reduced: playing campaign mode.

I have disabled campaign mode because in the previous unstable a crash bug was found in campaign mode. Since I have not worked on that bug yet, I did not want anyone else to experience it.

Another reason is that this is the last unstable release before ‘refactoring the guts out’ of the current engine. I have set up a bit of boiler plate code that will be the beginning of an implementation of a few design patterns. Tearing apart the global state that exists in the current engine. The most obvious design patterns are: Factory, Delegate, Composite and State.

So what does that mean for all you guys in the next unstable:
– the main menu will be drawn properly regardless of the resolution
– the skirmish menu will be drawn properly regardless of the resolution
– state transitions will be better (the current unstable has some flaws in these transitions)

In the previous news message a question was asked about a roadmap. More information about a roadmap will be published soon as seperate page on this website. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, grab the unstable if you’re curious from here

Oct 4 11

What is going on?

by stefanhendriks

In case you’re wondering if anything is being worked on… Let me shed some light…

You can see for yourself here.

Oct 1 11

Revision number now part of version

by stefanhendriks

Its a tiny feature, but it will make life easier for development.

The next version will tell what revision number is used, this number is generated from the svn tree when the binary is created.


Sep 26 11

Crash bug in unstable release, revision 488

by stefanhendriks

As reported in one of the comments, the latest unstable release will crash horribly when playing the campaign. Be advised to play the skirmish games only, there are no known crashes there. If you encounter anything crashing, let me know.

Sep 25 11

D2TM (v0.4.6, unstable, revision 488) released

by stefanhendriks

So it has been, almost a year ago I had released an unstable WIP version… So its time to release again!

Grab it from the unstable releases page!

Aug 26 11


by stefanhendriks

I’ve had a holiday and have worked on D2TM from there when I felt like it. The result is actually quite nice.

I have rewritten the selecting box logic, so now all mouse logic is in a Mouse class. Finally. I have also found this memory leak, which really wasnt a memory leak but sloppy initialization.

Also, I have made it far more easier to determine if a mouse is within a specific box of coordinates. Welcome the “rectangle” class. I have used it now in a few places and I intend to update the code where I find similar logic. I love removing code and keeping the game working.

Last but not least I tried to make the credits animation even more fluent. Although the animation did not get more fluent I did refactor the CreditsDrawer class.

I will be working on the GUI related stuff now again, so the menu looks ok and a new version can be wrapped up. Can’t wait? Then just check-out the source code šŸ™‚

Jun 11 11

Whats going on?

by stefanhendriks

I’ve been quite busy with real life things. But D2TM is not far from my mind. Most recently I’ve discovered a memory leak. And its eating up all my time. So do know it is still being developed on.