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Nov 5 10

D2TM (v0.4.4, unstable, revision 325) released

by stefanhendriks

A new unstable version has been released, compared to the previous release (revision 322), the following things have changed:

– Draw capacities better
– Calculate max spice capacity by health (like windtraps)
– Draw also amount of seconds to build item (unit/structure) and also power usage for structures
– Draw minimap properly
– Calculate used power and power outage properly now.

You can download the latest version from the unstable releases page.

Nov 4 10

D2TM (v0.4.4, unstable, revision 322) released

by stefanhendriks

A new page has been introduced, the so called unstable releases page. At this page you can download the most recent (but unstable!) version of Dune II – The Maker. The intention is to release often new versions. Do take into account that unstable releases contain  more bugs, even regression (ie, features that worked in previous versions became broken). However, any input regarding an unstable release is very welcome.

If you want to provide feedback to an unstable release, please mention the revision number.

Update: Download is fixed & categories assigned properly to post.

Nov 2 10

Alpha release?

by stefanhendriks

I intend to release an alpha version soon for solely one purpose: find bugs .  It is by no means a balanced version (meaning it uses the developer profile). Since the engine has been rewritten for major parts, it is good to have others test it.

Are you willing to help out testing? If so, leave a comment.

Nov 2 10

Development Blog

by stefanhendriks

If you have followed the dune2themaker twitter, you probably already know: a contextual tooltip will be introduced in the upcoming version. The tooltip can be used by holding the T key and hovering above a structure (and units, in the future).

To give you an idea how it looks like, here are two screenshots of the latest revision (click on them for their original size):

You might have noticed some ‘new’ things, like Armor and Protected. Armor is a new element introduced, but not yet used anywhere. Protected means simply if the structure is being ‘protected’ by the pavement / slabs beneath it. Since slabs protect a structure only for 50% your minimal protection is 50% already. The more you protect the structure, the less it will decay over time to 50% of its hitpoints.

Do you like it? Or have some suggestions to it? Just let me know!

Oct 23 10

Development Blog

by stefanhendriks

A little development update. Recently I have worked on 3 things:

  1. Refactored the minimap code (drawing/logic).
  2. Fixed: When holding R , clicking a structure to repair will not select that structure
  3. New: When selecting a structure, the corresponding build list is now selected

I like the 3rd one especially since I tend to click on the buildings a lot. So now you have two ways of accessing the correct lists at the sidebar. Either use the buttons on the sidebar, or select a structure that corresponds with it.

Do you have any suggestions for the next version? Let me know.

Oct 18 10

Media and links added

by stefanhendriks

I have updated the website with several media at the web (such as a blog post, youtube videos, etc). If you know of any references to D2TM, please provide them by commenting to the media page.

The links page simply holds a short list of D2TM known sources. You can even find a link to download the D2TM source code.

In my previous post I mentioned I was working on the ‘place it’ code. This has been fixed now. It is now possible to place structures again. And that makes the new version (0.4.3 for now) much more playable. If you compile the project yourself, just do an svn up to get the most recent source code.

Oct 17 10

Development Blog

by stefanhendriks

Refactoring is always fun. It allows you to make things better in a lot of ways.

Basically refactoring means you change the code, but you do not change functionality. There are multiple reasons to refactor, ie: it allows you to make the product (game) easier to maintain, have less bugs, and also important.. make it easier to extend.

Refactoring should be done in short cycles. Refactoring big chunks of code is often painful (slow) and results in more bugs. For D2TM I refactor relatively bigger chunks. Well, to be honest I had to create chunks in the first place. There is/was so much tight coupling in the code, that even in small changes I would break many things.

So the first steps are/where to decouple the code. This results in a lot more classes. But, the class files all have their own unique responsibility. This is a good thing!

However, as with any refactor cycle, things are still bound to break. Today I am working on fixing the ‘place it’ code. Which basically means; whenever you click on a structure icon that has finished building (so you can place it), it has to work properly. For now, it works for the drawing part. But, the green/yellow/red colors (meaning, does it have pavement, or rock, or is it unplacable) of the ‘status of placement’  drawing goes wrong. Atleast, somewhere down those lines. It is mostly in those areas where ‘new code’ meets ‘old code’ that bugs occur. And this is exactly such an area.

When this issue is fixed, there is still a lot to do. Using Pivotal Tracker several functionalities/scenarios are written down that need to be done. It does not mean it will be done all before one big release. But it does indicate where this game is going.

If you have any suggestions for this project, please share. You can provide them by commenting to this post, or by using the several ways to deliver feedback.

Oct 10 10

(broken) Download link fixed

by stefanhendriks

Someone at the forums pointed out that the download link was broken at the Releases page. It is fixed now. If you have anything you’d like to say about the release, please provide feedback.

Oct 6 10

A new website

by stefanhendriks

From now on. Dune II – The Maker (D2TM from now on) is hosted at fundynamic. It was a matter of time really. Fundynamic is a website I host for 5 or 6 years now. It holds a collection of all my projects.

For a long time D2TM has been hosted by Nahoo at, many thanks for that. Since the upgrade of the servers, and the result of that: a broken website. I had thought of fixing it myself , or simply starting fresh at Fundynamic.

So here we are. And D2TM is very much alive. Although I must admit that Starcraft II is really claiming a lot of my time. If you want, you can play a match against me.

Either way, D2TM is progressing. Rewriting code takes time, and it breaks things. It also brings oppertunities to make things better. Along the rewrite progress I am pondering about the direction D2TM will head to. My expectation will be that D2TM will become a new game of its own. It will probably break with the old missions in further releases (though I do not expect that to happen with the upcoming release). I will focus mainly on the skirmish games and the whole ‘multiplayer’  part of the game. More on that later!

Oh btw, you can now register and leave comments to posts now.