After 9 months of development version 0.6.0 has been released!

In a nutshell this version brings the following new features:

The full changelog can be found here.


You can grab version 0.6.0 ( file) from here. Unpack, and execute. And you’re on your way. Be sure to read the wikipage so you know some of the hotkeys (like repairing, etc).

Special thanks

I want to thank the Ripps and others at Discord (playtesting and providing general feedback) for their efforts. Without your help I wouldn’t have got this far. Thanks!


If you want to provide feedback, you can email me, use Twitter (handle @dune2themaker), our Discord or post your feedback at the forums. Another way is creating a Github ticket (if you’re able).

What does it look like?

If you want to see some action first, you can take a peek here:


After releasing 0.5.0 I felt like continuing. It really was satisfying seeing D2TM getting back into shape. With the new zooming and higher resolutions it felt more modern. I hope to bring you another big improvement with 0.6.0

This version took me 9-10 months of 2-3 nights a week (on average) and I enjoyed every minute of it. On to the next version! 🙂

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  1. […] The Maker w swoich założeniach ma oddawać atmosferę i styl rozgrywki w klasyczną wersję Dune II, jednak zakładając zmiany ułatwiające sterowanie, poprawki w sztucznej inteligencji oraz.. większe mapy (128×128 kafelków w trybie skirmish), sensowniejsze zachowanie jednostek latających oraz dostęp do supermocy każdej ze stron konfliktu. Tak to wygląda po ściągnięciu 6-megabajtowego archiwum i uruchomieniu gry. Pole walki można przybliżać i oddalać, co znacząco ułatwia rozgrywkę. […]

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Version 0.6.0 – YT Demo
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