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D2TM (v0.4.6, unstable, revision 488) released

by stefanhendriks on September 25th, 2011

So it has been, almost a year ago I had released an unstable WIP version… So its time to release again!

Grab it from the unstable releases page!

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  1. What is the changelog of this new version ?

  2. Compared to the latest unstable release, all I can say is ‘the difference between revision 352 and 488’.

    If you want to have an idea what happened, you can look at the source changelog (svn history).

  3. Flamer permalink

    My first try of this remake, and I tried the unstable, which crashes at the map screen. And repairing buildings is missing ! And have you seen the option menu ? Well I haven’t… Terrible ! Just terrible ! I’m completly dissapointed and will never play this remake again ! Except for showing other people how terrible it is.

    Oh, and are there any chances that you’re also making a remake of Dune 1 ? That would be cool…

    • Thats what you can experience with an unstable. Did you try demo 4? …
      I wonder if you would have said this if you did try.

      Odd to see your request regarding a dune 1 remake, while you have so low experiences with d2tm.

      • Flamer permalink

        Yeah, the demo doesn’t crash – but isn’t it even more terrible if an older version works better than the new one ? Your’re going in the wrong direction, man, the wrong direction…

        • If it where a stable release, I would say it would be terrible. But unstable releases are, what the definition says, unstable.

          Changing software will cause bugs to appear. D2TM exists for 10 years, and every change I make to improve the code, has a great chance of breaking things. But, in the long run it will be better.

          I thought of releasing an unstable version, so people who where curious, could see how it would run. It is not meant to be a fully , bug free, playable experience.

          If you have a different opinion about software and how to write it, please enlight us Software Engineers.

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