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After working on the new / campaign AI for a while, and playtesting mission 1 through 5 I wondered how it would play to test the final mission. I made sure the AI could use the super weapons and was curious how tough it would be. This is just one playtest session, in a “release mode” – but needless to say I got decimated. […]
In Dune 2, generally when the enemy AI has not yet detected the human player it will be passive. Usually due reinforcements the AI will have “detected” the human player and begins its attacks. One of the reasons is to give the human player some time to build a base and economy to counter any attacks. Although this will work, I felt it would […]
I made further changes to the Campaign missions AI and implemented some behavior for mission 1 though 6. I usually test this with debug flags which greatly reduces the balancing of the game (in favor of quick testing). Today I did a playtest session with the ‘normal’ game rules without any debug flags, and I’d like to share this playtest session with you. I […]
In Dune 2 the AI rebuilds structures it lost. This behavior was logged in Github Issues, and was not planned for 0.6.0. (ticket) But with the work being done on the “Rewrite AI” task I decided to fix this. In action:
Let me show you how I managed to let the build a group of units (3 quads + 2 tanks) and send them off to attack the human player. This only works in Campaign mode and this is the only kind of units the AI will build now (although the AI can build any kind of unit). Caption video: For the upcoming 0.6.0 the […]
Recently I have set up a Dune 2 – The Maker Discord. In case you want to provide feedback, ask questions or just want to hang out.