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It is here; after many months of development and with additional help from Rozmy, Paul, Ripps and Mira and others… In a nutshell, this release brings: Graphical improvementsSharpened some structuresSmoother animations: flag, refinery pad, heavy factory, etcMountains are proportionally better than beforeTransparent shadows of units and structuresUnits smoke on top when damaged < 50%Clicking unit/structure gives info at top barGameplay improvementsSandworms in skirmish gamesTeams […]
Hi! Instead of doing a summary here, I wanted to record a session for a change, see how it goes. Its ~ 9 minutes.
A lot of work is being done under the hoods; and as things stand now there are ~ 3 tickets left to do before I want to start playtesting more and wrapping things up and release a new version. Visually today we changed the mountain graphics. As you might know, D2TM has upscaled graphics (32×32 pixel tiles). Dune 2 has 16×16 pixel tiles originally. […]
What began with one or two bugs in 0.6.0 eventually ended up in rewriting the way D2TM deals with input. Basically because it was one of the oldest pieces of code and it was a mess. 0.6.0 has a more ‘frame driven’ approach. Meaning, for every time the game was drawing something (a frame) it also was checking for input: “Is this mouse button […]
It is the last day of the year, and what a year it has been. Version 0.5.0 was released at the end of 2020, and I basically worked hard to release 0.6.0 (which happened in September this year). And in Q1 2022 I will release a new version of D2TM. This year was great for D2TM, for several reasons: v0.6.0 was downloaded over 6k […]
Yours truly has been interviewed by Games-Global about D2TM. Read it here. Thank you Games-Global for having me! It has been a humbling experience.