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I have published a playtesting session on youtube, you can watch it here: If you want to keep up with other video’s from D2TM, you can subscribe to the channel. Caption Testing version 0.5.5, a WIP version.Several improvements are shown (compared to 0.5.0): Playing on a 128×128 mapUsing SaboteursProper rendering of mentat (in center)Increase build queue by 4 instead of 1 (when holding SHIFT)Better […]
Did you know Dune 2 used to have 62×62 playable maps? It also had an ‘invisible map border’, so technically the maps where 64×64 (max 4096 tiles/cells). The invisible map border could be used to make it possible to have units move into the map seamlessly. When D2TM was being created (way back when), the idea was to be able to play Dune 2 […]
Recently I started on making the engine support larger than 64×64 sized maps. This should be trivial, but it isn’t. This is (partly) because most things are cell based, meaning the dimensions of the map are taken into account at a lot of places in the code (while it should be concentrated in one place really). And why is that? well. blame me of […]
The last super weapon to be implemented in 0.6.0 is the Harkonnen Death Hand. This basically is just a big rocket, with a few things to make it less effective. Like making the deployment less accurate and the build time pretty long. At first the Death Hand worked as a ‘sniper nuke’, it would be 100% accurate and 100% deadly on all cells: Now, […]
Next in 0.6.0 super weapons… the Ordos Saboteur! This one took some work; basically the code to have units ‘enter’ a structure was very specifically written for Harvesters or for the Repair Facility. Anything else was not supported. The Saboteur itself is relatively easy as it is ‘built’ by the Palace (and spawns next to it), however it needs to be quick and move […]
In 0.6.0 the super weapons will be introduced. For Atreides this is “Fremen reinforcements“. In Dune 2 the Fremen would spawn at a random location and attack an enemy player. You cannot control the Fremen. This has been implemented in Dune 2 – The Maker. Additionally the Fremen allies will clear shroud for you. A little demo: