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Hi! It has been a while for sure. I hope you’re doing all ok. Several things have been worked on the past time. Some on the engine (not much to show), some more graphical stuff. So lets begin with that, its always nice to show things: Graphical enhancements I’ve been getting quite some help on the graphical side of things lately from Rozmy. He […]
Past few weeks I’ve been working on the new version (0.6.5). In this post you can see what’s already coming, and here is the next batch of changes that I’ve been working on: Sandworms can be spawned at Skirmish gamesSandworms can be “killed”, where they will be respawned at a later timeSandworms no longer have an infinite appetite. The more they eat, the less […]
While working on the next release (0.6.5) I wanted to improve the sidebar a bit. when you hover over an icon you can keep reading info at the top bar, the text won’t disappear unless you move away from the sidebarthe information at the top bar will show you the build time left if you hover over an item in progressthe top icons at […]
The past week I have been visiting the cinema twice to see the new Dune movie. I’ve been asked to write down my thoughts about the movie. Which I agreed to do. Disclaimers I am not a movie expert nor a Dune expert. I read the first three books (Dune, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune), saw the Dune 1984 version. (from Lynch as well […]
I’ve established a new milestone in Github and decided which issues go into that. I have set myself a goal to release a new version at the end of this year. So in 3 months a new version should be out. Which I have not yet been able to do, but I’ll try! 🙂 You can see the list of issues for this milestone […]
It has been over a week that 0.6.0 has been released. And although I did expect it to have somewhat more attention than the previous release… what happened the past week just blew my mind and I wanted to share this with you. As it is you (the visitor, the player who tried and played D2TM, etc) I have to thank for the past […]