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The past week I have been visiting the cinema twice to see the new Dune movie. I’ve been asked to write down my thoughts about the movie. Which I agreed to do. Disclaimers I am not a movie expert nor a Dune expert. I read the first three books (Dune, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune), saw the Dune 1984 version. (from Lynch as well […]
I’ve established a new milestone in Github and decided which issues go into that. I have set myself a goal to release a new version at the end of this year. So in 3 months a new version should be out. Which I have not yet been able to do, but I’ll try! 🙂 You can see the list of issues for this milestone […]
It has been over a week that 0.6.0 has been released. And although I did expect it to have somewhat more attention than the previous release… what happened the past week just blew my mind and I wanted to share this with you. As it is you (the visitor, the player who tried and played D2TM, etc) I have to thank for the past […] has interviewed me about Dune 2 The Maker. Read it here.
After 9 months of development version 0.6.0 has been released! In a nutshell this version brings the following new features: A rewritten AI for campaign and skirmish mode.Support for 128×128 Skirmish mapsImproved air unit behavior (for carry-alls dropping, flying in general, etc)Introducing all super weapons: Fremen support for Atreides, Saboteur for Ordos and the Deathhand for Harkonnenand much more… The full changelog can be […]
During some playtesting I noticed something off with the Sandworms. They had very long trails – looking ugly. But also their drawing is weird. I tried to fix it, it was better but still not 100%: So I dug further. And yes, finally the Sandworms render as expected. Eating animation(s) I played around with some variations. I played around with reducing the time between […]