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The AI units have been improved a bit. For instance, ground units tended to chase air units, wut!? That has been fixed. Those who have played Dune2K or Red Alert (1) a lot will get a certain feeling when seeing this… suppose you want to harass a Harvester with your infantry? well… And that also applies when trying to attack ground units with your […]
In the previous version, when your Starport got destroyed you would still be able to select it. If you ordered, the Frigate would continue on its way and get stuck above the place where your Starport was. Now this behavior has been improved: Frigate seeks for alternative Starport If no Starport, Frigate dies Github ticket
In version 0.5.0 support for high(er) resolutions where introduced. For the next version I want to bring support for higher resolutions on other aspects of the game as well. Basically I went over the screens that did not made it in 0.5.0 and made sure they look better (centered for instance) on the higher resolutions. I also added a few touches (with the background […]
In the next version it will be possible to queue 4 items when holding SHIFT. This only applies to queueable items such as units, or walls, slabs, etc. Github ticket
10+ years after the release of DEMO 4, the day has come that Dune 2 – The Maker gets a new version. No more DEMO versions, just normal versioning, beginning with 0.5.0 from now on. In a nutshell this version brings the following new features: Support for higher screen resolutionsA redesigned sidebarZoomingViewport dragging The full changelog of this version can be found here. Download […]
A few months back I started working on Dune 2 – The Maker again. After a while I made some progress, added a few features and fixed some bugs. In general I achieved what I have set for a next release. The past few weeks I have spent some long nights testing and mainly trying to fix this annoying crashing bug. I also received […]