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The last super weapon to be implemented in 0.6.0 is the Harkonnen Death Hand. This basically is just a big rocket, with a few things to make it less effective. Like making the deployment less accurate and the build time pretty long. At first the Death Hand worked as a ‘sniper nuke’, it would be 100% accurate and 100% deadly on all cells: Now, […]
Next in 0.6.0 super weapons… the Ordos Saboteur! This one took some work; basically the code to have units ‘enter’ a structure was very specifically written for Harvesters or for the Repair Facility. Anything else was not supported. The Saboteur itself is relatively easy as it is ‘built’ by the Palace (and spawns next to it), however it needs to be quick and move […]
In 0.6.0 the super weapons will be introduced. For Atreides this is “Fremen reinforcements“. In Dune 2 the Fremen would spawn at a random location and attack an enemy player. You cannot control the Fremen. This has been implemented in Dune 2 – The Maker. Additionally the Fremen allies will clear shroud for you. A little demo:
I have created a separate Dune 2 – The Maker youtube channel where I’ll post some videos now and then. If you are interested in seeing some progress via Youtube, then subscribe to the channel.
While working on the ‘super weapons‘ in the game, I noticed something about the lack of smoothness in the clock-wise progress drawn over an icon. This became especially obvious when testing where I use short build times. The reason for this is that there are 32 frames available for drawing the clockwise progress for an icon in the sidebar. When using short(er) build times, […]
Since its release, 0.5.0 has been downloaded at least 100 times. Although it might be trivial, it is motivating to see that people (still) download this game. I hope you enjoy it. In the meantime, working on 0.6.0!