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by stefanhendriks on November 2nd, 2010

If you have followed the dune2themaker twitter, you probably already know: a contextual tooltip will be introduced in the upcoming version. The tooltip can be used by holding the T key and hovering above a structure (and units, in the future).

To give you an idea how it looks like, here are two screenshots of the latest revision (click on them for their original size):

You might have noticed some ‘new’ things, like Armor and Protected. Armor is a new element introduced, but not yet used anywhere. Protected means simply if the structure is being ‘protected’ by the pavement / slabs beneath it. Since slabs protect a structure only for 50% your minimal protection is 50% already. The more you protect the structure, the less it will decay over time to 50% of its hitpoints.

Do you like it? Or have some suggestions to it? Just let me know!

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  1. athanasios permalink

    Is the color used the color of the player, or that of the team/house each building belongs too?

    If the latter here is my suggestion: The saturation be less (but not completely grayed) or use another effect for non player/enemy buildings to make it more clear that it is not your building and you cannot interact with it-except of course to attack it?

  2. The color used is the team/house color of the player (also used on the minimap).

    Changing the color to gray when you do not own the unit/structure is actually a good idea.

    I’ll take a look at how to manipulate the saturation properly

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