A little development update. Recently I have worked on 3 things:

  1. Refactored the minimap code (drawing/logic).
  2. Fixed: When holding R , clicking a structure to repair will not select that structure
  3. New: When selecting a structure, the corresponding build list is now selected

I like the 3rd one especially since I tend to click on the buildings a lot. So now you have two ways of accessing the correct lists at the sidebar. Either use the buttons on the sidebar, or select a structure that corresponds with it.

Do you have any suggestions for the next version? Let me know.


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Path finding progress demo... made it so I use a priority_queue, did X4 speedup. Nice! https://dune2themaker.fundynamic.com/video/new_pathfinder_02.mp4 #indiedev #gamedev #d2tm #dune2

Path finding testing is done on a map (64x64) where only 1 possible path exists between two corners of the map. I also found a bug in the heuristic function - it would evaluate too many cells. With that sped up greatly, but still needs to be faster.

Spent more hours on path finding. Still too slow! (100/200ms for 1 unit, finding 1 path is SUPER SLOW (on complex map)). Need to shave off more milliseconds.

It is not so hard to implement a new pathfinding algorithm. The harder part is to make it perform properly. Especially when you send over groups of units. #indiedev #gamedev #dune2 #d2tm #remake

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