Something that has been bugging me for a very long time is the way how the mouse feels sluggish in the game in several occasions:

  • When running in full-screen mode, it feels way to sped up (issue)
  • Regardless of full-screen or windowed mode, the mouse responsiveness lagged when the game would become slow (due whatever reason) (issue)

The second thing was a relatively easy fix, instead of binding the mouse drawing to the draw cycles of the game, use the Allegro mouse drawing routines which are not bound to FPS.

The first point was a bit less intuitive. I found that the set_mouse_speed function actually had to be set to 0, but I also had to make sure mouse acceleration had to be disabled via the Allegro configuration files (could not use some kind of program function to do that).

Both fixed and fine for the next version πŸŽ‰

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Version 0.6.0 – YT Demo
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Hey #IndieDevHour,
I'm excited to announce that I'll be releasing #UnDUNE2 THIS weekend! πŸ˜…πŸ—“
It's a full #Pico8 demake of the classic "DUNE II" game, which I've been working on (+off) in my spare time, alongside @gruber_music

#IndieDev #GameDev #PixelArt #RetroGaming #DOSgaming

TIL: It is not required to have beautiful code to have a succesful #indiegame. Whenever I think my code is bad, I look at VVVVV's code and imagine that code is but a part of the whole and not required for success :) (see

Testing AI is sometimes hard in debug mode. You get nuked within minutes. But I got to see what I wanted, (Harkonnen response on me attacking/approaching their base). Which is ok! :) #gamedev #indiedev #d2tm #dune

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