I’ve been working on D2TM the past few months and wanted to release a new version with some major improvements.

One of these new ‘major’ features is zooming in/out of the battlefield. This meant rewriting the rendering of pretty much anything on it.

Here is an example:

As you can see, zooming all the way out works , as well the other way around.

Funny thing is that the Radar/Outpost is less effective this way, especially with the 64×64 (ok 62×62) maps of Dune 2. Hence, we need bigger maps 😉 (and perhaps another reason for having an Radar/Outpost in the game).

Thanks to Arjen van der Ende for helping me out, sparring with me when I got stuck while working on the old code base + render engine.

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Nice, did some work. Went through a few PR's and merged them. Mostly technical stuff, but I'm glad I have some energy now to do stuff.

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I need some help from #dune gaming fans out there. What are some fan-powered DUNE-related projects out there? (f.ex. @Liquidream's #UnDUNE2 and @dune2themaker)

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