After working on a few bigger features I’ve been playtesting a while. This takes time and unfortunately I do find bugs. The bug vary from small glitches to random crashes. The latter are the most unwanted and annoying to fix (and find!).

Regardless, all things considered I do aim for a 0.5 release with a bunch of things improved compared to DEMO 4.

A few things which have been improved:

  • AI Harvesters will try to run over infantry that attacks it
  • Multi-select over Harvesters will ignore the harvesters and only select your attacking units
  • Repairing a unit works (again) – shows the unit icon on the repair facility
  • When playing skirmish, the ‘random’ start position you play from will be more random

I can’t tell yet when 0.5 is coming, it highly depends on my playtesting findings and blocking bugs.

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Health wise I am not improving (instead things get worse), this severely impacts family life stuff. I hope to see a bit of improvements in the coming weeks after taking drastic measures.

πŸ•ΉοΈ ORUL β€” a super fun little precision platformer on the pico-8 fantasy console!

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Received a donation today with kind words. Despite of my inactivity on the project (due health problems). Grateful for the kindness. Thanks!!

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