So lets do a little comparison between the original Dune 2, the ‘old’ DEMO 4 and the future…

Dune 2

Current, Dune 2, has a resolution of 320×200, looks like this:

Dune 2 – running at 320×200


DEMO 4 of D2TM had only one resolution mode: 640×480, it looks like this:

D2TM – DEMO 4 – 640×480 (80 pixels higher)

Compared to the original Dune 2 this is already (more than) a doubling in size. But, it also had more space in height (deliberately so it could fit all the sidebar icons at the right).

But, times have changed, higher resolutions are the norm. So D2TM has to cope.

However, D2TM DEMO 4 assumes the GUI is not flexible. Hence, it only supported one resolution…

Version 0.5?

So it took a lot of work to cut up the ‘fixed’ UI and make it more flexible. It succeeded enough to show off something.

At this moment, D2TM (coming version) is supporting flexible resolutions. It tries to autodetect, but you can set the resolution yourself in the game.ini file.

Now, here is D2TM at 800×600…

D2TM – Version 0.5 at 800×600

What about 1280×1024? Well:

D2TM – Version 0.5 at 1280×1024

The sidebar begins to look off right? Its so small and long. Probably need to do something about that….

Get crazy, 4k?

Ok, finally, what if I would try native 4K…? And, for fun, lets see if we can show the whole map… (which we should be able to, it is 64 tiles X 32 pixels = 2048, and 4K has a width of 3840 pixels). Well:

D2TM – Version 0.5 at 4K (3840×2160)

Do note, this is not being zoomed in or out! This is the native resolution, unzoomed.

So there you have it, multiple resolutions… in the next release coming up!

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