While working on the ‘super weapons‘ in the game, I noticed something about the lack of smoothness in the clock-wise progress drawn over an icon. This became especially obvious when testing where I use short build times.

The reason for this is that there are 32 frames available for drawing the clockwise progress for an icon in the sidebar. When using short(er) build times, the amount of frames got chopped up. (ie, the code simply decides there is less progress to make, hence it can skip some frames).

It looked like this:

The clock-wise progress is just too rough. Using short build times its only using 3 frames.

In v 0.6.0 it will look like this:

Much better, don’t you think?

I solved this by separating the logic for ‘build progress’ and ‘frame drawing’ a bit. This means the progress can still be 3 “units of time”, and thus be completed in 3 steps, but the intermediate frames are calculated differently. This means, if you run out of money the progress will halt according to the ‘build progress’ logic.

It is the small details like this that give the game a bit more polish.

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