Recently I started on making the engine support larger than 64×64 sized maps.

This should be trivial, but it isn’t. This is (partly) because most things are cell based, meaning the dimensions of the map are taken into account at a lot of places in the code (while it should be concentrated in one place really). And why is that? well. blame me of 20+ years younger I guess 🙂

To ease the pain of making this logic centralized I decided to refactor bullets so that they don’t rely on cells anymore (and thus no more on map dimensions really).

As a bonus this made it easier to have bullets land at a random position at a structure, which eliminates the fixation on the upper-left corner of a structure which you have in 0.5.0. (see also this ticket). This makes the game yet a bit more polished. (while at the same time working on a more fundamental issue – yes less exciting..)

How it looks like right now:


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Not sure how things will end up with Musk taking over Twitter. Any alternatives out there I should look out for? Mastadon, sure, any others?

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Health wise I am not improving (instead things get worse), this severely impacts family life stuff. I hope to see a bit of improvements in the coming weeks after taking drastic measures.

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