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Testing version 0.5.5, a WIP version.
Several improvements are shown (compared to 0.5.0):

  • Playing on a 128×128 map
  • Using Saboteurs
  • Proper rendering of mentat (in center)
  • Increase build queue by 4 instead of 1 (when holding SHIFT)
  • Better rendering of projectiles, landing on structures properly, etc.

I run this game in debug mode, hence you see:

  • lines of paths the units will take
  • the tile the mouse hovers over
  • several other visual hints where units/structures/etc might be

There are also quite a few noticeable bugs:

  • the AI is very passive (not attacking any player)
  • the AI doesn’t build varied units anymore (needs fixing)
  • some units get stuck somehow
  • I can’t win the game, some units are “not dead” nor “alive”
  • Did you see some harvester disappear within a refinery – me too, not sure how that happened.
  • Sometimes units do not seem to respond quickly when I order them to move, this needs to be more responsive.

Also, the screen recording software seems to visualize clicks.

Source at Github: https://github.com/stefanhendriks/Dune-II—The-Maker

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