I’ve established a new milestone in Github and decided which issues go into that. I have set myself a goal to release a new version at the end of this year. So in 3 months a new version should be out. Which I have not yet been able to do, but I’ll try! 🙂

You can see the list of issues for this milestone here.

So far I have fixed 16 of 34 tickets. I tried to pick up small ones first; even though I would be at around 50% it does not mean I’m half-way effort-wise speaking.

So far I have done:

  • Bullets which Infantry/soldier shoots from mountains does not fly over mountain and detonate at unit position. Causing it to kill itself.
  • Tanks/wheeled units should not be able to fire over structures
  • Infantry shooting from mountain can should over walls
  • Quad/Trike bullets should not damage terrain
  • 4SLAB placement fails when it can’t place due to wrong bad terrain
  • Mouse icon is rendered weird with win/lose brief from mentat
  • Sandworm squishes infantry/soldier – which should not happen
  • When losing mission you are unable to select mission again
  • Carryalls do pickups and drops one square away from the actual pickup or drop space. they should first reach the destination or pickup square, and then do their thing
  • When Saboteur dies, it should always explode when killed
  • When harvester is selected and enters refinery, it should not render a weird health bar nor be kept selected. (so that mouse “move” action gets restored)
  • When harvester is selected, its ‘selected’ icon should be over harvester and not at top left.
  • When carry-all dies, it should leave a destroyed carry-all image. Like ornithopters do.
  • Carry-all picks up just-destroyed unit as if it was alive and keeps flying around in that state.
  • RMG should make sure constyard can be spawned at starting location
  • Reduce troopers range

If you have suggestions, feel free to send me an e-mail or drop a line at Discord


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