It has been over a week that 0.6.0 has been released. And although I did expect it to have somewhat more attention than the previous release… what happened the past week just blew my mind and I wanted to share this with you.

As it is you (the visitor, the player who tried and played D2TM, etc) I have to thank for the past 10 days… so without getting into details, let me start by saying thank you!

So what happened…?

A little bit of context first.

Ever since 0.5.0 has been released, the amount of visitors on this website averaged between 5 to 15 (20 at most) a day. The amount of downloads 0.5.0 had was around 271 when 0.6.0 got released. It took 9 months to get to that many downloads.

The amount of Discord users were around 20-30 people.

I had ~ 480-ish followers on Twitter

September 10th: 0.6.0 has been released

And a few days later an article got published on… well that blew up for sure!

It is now 10 days later, and the stats are as follows:

  • 0.6.0 got downloaded over 1600 times (!!!)
  • The website had at its peak 4156 visitors on one day (with 2116 unique visitors)
  • Discord members grew to around 130
  • D2TM got streamed twice already – which was awesome to watch
  • On twitter there are now 636 followers! (a growth of 150+ members in 10 days)
  • The Youtube channel grew from 20+ to 60+ subscribers

Especially the visitors on the site made my graph look like this:

Just wow!

And at Github:

All that combined that it happened within such a short timespan made it unbelievable.

I thank the interview at for this and the spread it got via other mediums.

Who knows what follows?

Regardless, I wish to thank you for the past 10 days. I will never forget that.

In case you wonder which articles mention D2TM I have started collecting some links and share them on this page.

What about a next version?

I loved watching the stats move… but I also did some work for the next version already. More on that in a next blog post!

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Path finding progress demo... made it so I use a priority_queue, did X4 speedup. Nice! #indiedev #gamedev #d2tm #dune2

Path finding testing is done on a map (64x64) where only 1 possible path exists between two corners of the map. I also found a bug in the heuristic function - it would evaluate too many cells. With that sped up greatly, but still needs to be faster.

Spent more hours on path finding. Still too slow! (100/200ms for 1 unit, finding 1 path is SUPER SLOW (on complex map)). Need to shave off more milliseconds.

It is not so hard to implement a new pathfinding algorithm. The harder part is to make it perform properly. Especially when you send over groups of units. #indiedev #gamedev #dune2 #d2tm #remake

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