Past few weeks I’ve been working on the new version (0.6.5). In this post you can see what’s already coming, and here is the next batch of changes that I’ve been working on:

  • Sandworms can be spawned at Skirmish games
  • Sandworms can be “killed”, where they will be respawned at a later time
  • Sandworms no longer have an infinite appetite. The more they eat, the less frequent they attack, until they disappear. (a new worm will be respawned later and the cycle continues)
  • Spice blooms regenerate on maps again (both Campaign and Skirmish games)
  • Spice blooms can be enabled in Skirmish games, and auto-detonate (like in D2K) – this is a toggle so you can turn it off if you want to have a “Dune 2 experience”
  • D2TM now uses the proper Win/Lose flags logics from campaign scenario’s so now you can win Mission 2 by destroying the enemy base OR harvesting enough spice
  • FIXED: In some missions you can’t win the game because a structure appeared invincible
  • FIXED: Turrets would keep firing where a Harvester was when Harvester was picked up by Carry-All
  • FIXED: Rendering issue when placing structure
  • Trooper(s) should use their minigun when enemy is nearby
  • Losing WOR/Barracks make you lose the ability to build said units (noticeable when playing Ordos when you can have both)
  • Upgrade button at sidebar should not be available when there is nothing to upgrade
  • Simple notifications are rendered when something worthy happens, so you are more aware of what is going on: Ie: Harvester destroyed, Deathhand launched, etc.


Extra options with Skirmish games
Notification (bottom left)
Spice bloom & Sandworms in Skirmish games
Notification that my Fremen support has been defeated


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Version 0.6.0 – YT Demo
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Hey #IndieDevHour,
I'm excited to announce that I'll be releasing #UnDUNE2 THIS weekend! 😅🗓
It's a full #Pico8 demake of the classic "DUNE II" game, which I've been working on (+off) in my spare time, alongside @gruber_music

#IndieDev #GameDev #PixelArt #RetroGaming #DOSgaming

TIL: It is not required to have beautiful code to have a succesful #indiegame. Whenever I think my code is bad, I look at VVVVV's code and imagine that code is but a part of the whole and not required for success :) (see

Testing AI is sometimes hard in debug mode. You get nuked within minutes. But I got to see what I wanted, (Harkonnen response on me attacking/approaching their base). Which is ok! :) #gamedev #indiedev #d2tm #dune

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