A lot of work is being done under the hoods; and as things stand now there are ~ 3 tickets left to do before I want to start playtesting more and wrapping things up and release a new version.

Visually today we changed the mountain graphics. As you might know, D2TM has upscaled graphics (32×32 pixel tiles). Dune 2 has 16×16 pixel tiles originally. For the mountains, this was solved by simply duplicating the tiles. This mean, 1 mountain tile in D2TM became 4 Dune 2 mountain tiles adjacent to eachother.

However, this makes the proportion smaller. Mountains do not look as ‘big’ as they used to be.

Rozmy, who has contributed quite a lot for the upcoming version so far has made the mountains in the correct proportion again (1 D2TM mountain tile == 1 Dune 2 tile). And made sure they are smoothened like the rest of D2TM’s tiles. These are all smoothened by hand, there is no algorithm doing this.

Here is a comparison:

Right = new, left = current

And a bit more zoomed in (almost same zoom level)

Right = new, left = current

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Given whats going on in the USA, i get the feeling the “U” is more about the land than its people. I wonder who benefits from all this. #planswithinplans

For a few weeks I’ve been out of commission, due to (mental) health problems. Can’t say when it improves and when I am able to continue coding. Atm it severely impedes the ability to do anything, which is kind of depressing and weird at the same time.

Waarom twitter ik zo veel over #boerenopstand en #trekkertuig - omdat ik er wakker van lig. Omdat ik me zorgen maak over mijn boerenfamilie, die ik graag een zinnige en gezonde toekomst gun, zonder teveel zorgen en met de achting die ze verdienen. In een gezond Nederland. Draad.

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