A lot of work is being done under the hoods; and as things stand now there are ~ 3 tickets left to do before I want to start playtesting more and wrapping things up and release a new version.

Visually today we changed the mountain graphics. As you might know, D2TM has upscaled graphics (32×32 pixel tiles). Dune 2 has 16×16 pixel tiles originally. For the mountains, this was solved by simply duplicating the tiles. This mean, 1 mountain tile in D2TM became 4 Dune 2 mountain tiles adjacent to eachother.

However, this makes the proportion smaller. Mountains do not look as ‘big’ as they used to be.

Rozmy, who has contributed quite a lot for the upcoming version so far has made the mountains in the correct proportion again (1 D2TM mountain tile == 1 Dune 2 tile). And made sure they are smoothened like the rest of D2TM’s tiles. These are all smoothened by hand, there is no algorithm doing this.

Here is a comparison:

Right = new, left = current

And a bit more zoomed in (almost same zoom level)

Right = new, left = current

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