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D2TM on 800×600 part II

by stefanhendriks on November 10th, 2010

Because of all the hard work (refactoring) in the past, regarding the sidebar and so forth, it was now quite easy to alter the code to support the 800×600 resolution. Theoretically it should be working with all resolutions (as long as the sidebar is 160 pixels wide).

While adjusting code to support the 800×600 resolution I have decided to make the interface more flexible. Although it still uses (for now) a static bitmap to draw the general interface, a lot more things are drawn separately.

Although it is not finished yet (the sidebar has a bit crappy graphics in the space, that exists due the height increase (480 vs 600 pixels)), i am quite pleased with the result. If you think you can contribute to the general interface graphics, just check out the code with SVN. I have introduced a graphics folder which contains BMP files that I am using in the game. This way even non-programmers should be able to contribute (if they would like to).

Another screenshot (click on it to view the full-sized screenshot):

Like it? Don’t like it? Let me know! 🙂

Btw: The two black rectangles are areas where the up/down scroll buttons will be drawn. I have the gfx ready, but I’m not finished with the code yet…

Also, did you notice that I have introduced an add-ons & maps page recently?

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  1. looks awesome. would it be too much to go vectorial? widescreen support would be nice 😀

    • Would be tempting huh? Well technically its easier to do now. But i am a bit reticent making such changes. I’d like to stay close to the dune 2 experience, yet trying to improve. I will probably switch to sc2 controls. Which is in itself already conflicting with what i have said.

      Then again, if you can design a nice vertical ui. I might reconsider.

  2. This is great!
    And BMPs? Don’t put us into temptation to use Dune 2000 graphics…
    Would it be easy to implement PNGs to be able to have alpha?

    BTW: Any possibility of buildings (OK new graphics needed) going out of their tile boundaries in order to overlap graphics behind them as now it looks very ‘flat’?

    • Using d2k sprites is possible. And using png should be as well. Use the tool grabber to play around with the data files.

      Also if you can enhance the gfx to make them less flat, i could add them to the game. Contact me if you want some sprites to toy around with. Or checkout the source and dig into the data files with grabber. You can extract and replace gfx with that. I would have to make changes in the engine to draw them correctly though (no problem).

  3. AWESOME! I’m waiting for the full version.

  4. This articlewas a outstanding learn. I Learnt alot from it. Thank you for sharing.

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