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D2TM on 800×600 part III

by stefanhendriks on November 13th, 2010

Worked a bit on the interface again. The black rectangles are now replaced by the scroll buttons. Also fixed some crash bugs regarding the minimap. In fact, it could be fixed by removing old code and reusing existing code from elsewhere. I really like how all this refactoring is paying off now.

When the game is 100% working in 800×600 I will release a new unstable release.

A screenshot (click on the image to view the full-sized version):

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  1. athanasios permalink

    Hmm, grabber messes the palette of the BMPs.

    I noticed that gerald-new-12a-new2.bmp contains all the UI. Shouldn’t be in parts to be more flexible to handle? :

    Tiles, buttons, bars, …
    Code used to create bevels/borders instead of ready graphics.

    • athanasios permalink

      Please check my small applet, from my web page, to load various Dune 2K mods to see how I used code for everything (and forgive the stupidities I have done as I am not a programmer).

      • What is the url?

        • Ancient web page, not updated for ages but the bat (yes I used good old DOS approach in the beginning) replacement applet source is there. Please PM if you want it compiled (Used Game Maker as I am not a programmer), but I suppose your interest will be in the ‘source’ code not for its merits but for the concept.

          BTW: I am going to open a new thread in dune2k for artwork to attract artists. Is it a good idea?

    • The initial intention was to split the UI up. But my priorities lay elsewhere now, so I have kept the fixed version.

      About the palette. You need to find a PAL entry in the dat file, double click/enter it, and then all pictures look ok. (also, only then you can extract them ok).

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