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D2TM on 800×600 part I

by stefanhendriks on November 7th, 2010

As told before I was pondering about 800×600. I just simply changed the values 640×480 into 800×600 and this is what the engine gave me:

Not bad, considering everything worked quite good except for a few (very) noticable things:

  1. As predicted, the ui  is still 640×480
  2. The credits are drawn properly , but looks weird due nr 1.
  3. The minimap is drawn ok, but you cannot select where to go, you actually have to go to the very bottom right.
  4. The map boundaries are not always respected; making the game crash sometimes.

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  1. Vito permalink


    Your project seems standing on its own.

    Is that correct? Because I found the golden path:

    Btw, im dutch, u 2?

  2. What do you mean with ‘standing on its own’ ? You mean there is no big group contributors to the code?

    Yes I am dutch.

    • Vito permalink

      Hi Stefan,

      Well, is there any relation to other remake projects or is it a totally different project?
      See for a complete list.

      Maybe, you should join forces or somehow

      • Well the relation is that they are all dune 2 clones of course. And, if I am not mistaken they where all started/released after D2TM existence. (Meaning, D2TM exists longer than any of these projects).

        I’ve never considered joining forces to any of the remakes. Simply because I love to develop D2TM , and I like to take it where I want. This does not mean I do not share information. In fact, Dune legacy (now Doon Legacy) is / was using the Random Map Generator of D2TM. And, for a long time remakes also used so called seed files to show maps in the game.

        In that sense D2TM is a different project 🙂

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