After the latest WIP release; the clean/refactor work has been continued. The recent svn log shows a restructuring of the header files. This was needed to have clear ‘sections’ of where certain code should belong.

The next step is to refactor units (finally!). The main goals is to have the same behavior as it is now, but with a lot of fixes. Especially the Harvester and its relation to the refinery have some bugs now.

Along with refactoring units, I’d like to abstract drawing ‘stuff’ (units, buildings, projectiles, etc) on the screen. So I can make it even easier to do, and give me the possibility to add a more fluent movement. This basically means that the ‘cells’ on the map and the movement on them will be separated. The current situation is that units are on cells, and they have each a specific offset of that cell. This means the movement of one cell to another is basically shifting off the original cell X,Y using the offset. And, when finally on the other cell; simply take over that cell as the current and reset the offsets. The new situation should actually have precise X,Y coordinates and the cell coordinates should be calculated from that. (sort of how the air units work now).

Also, I am pondering about upping the resolution to 800×600, perhaps even 1024×768. In these cases I need some updated gfx, so these changes take time (I need a graphics/pixel artist to help me out on that). If you have some skills, please let me know.


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