I have updated the website with several media at the web (such as a blog post, youtube videos, etc). If you know of any references to D2TM, please provide them by commenting to the media page.

The links page simply holds a short list of D2TM known sources. You can even find a link to download the D2TM source code.

In my previous post I mentioned I was working on the ‘place it’ code. This has been fixed now. It is now possible to place structures again. And that makes the new version (0.4.3 for now) much more playable. If you compile the project yourself, just do an svn up to get the most recent source code.


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Not sure how things will end up with Musk taking over Twitter. Any alternatives out there I should look out for? Mastadon, sure, any others?

TRANSBOT TUESDAY: DUNE II - BATTLE FOR ARRAKIS This week he's heading back to 1993 to harvest a valuable substance. A fantastic Mega Drive/Genesis real time strategy game, did you ever control the flow of The Spice? #retrogaming #Sega #MegaDrive #Amiga #Windows #PC #90s #gaming


From Dune 2 to Warcraft, Total Annihilation to C&C and Starcraft to Age of Empires, there have been some truly ground-breaking real-time strategy games! But when did the genre reach its golden era? All this & more discussed in this fun @arcadeattackUK pod!

Health wise I am not improving (instead things get worse), this severely impacts family life stuff. I hope to see a bit of improvements in the coming weeks after taking drastic measures.

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