I have updated the website with several media at the web (such as a blog post, youtube videos, etc). If you know of any references to D2TM, please provide them by commenting to the media page.

The links page simply holds a short list of D2TM known sources. You can even find a link to download the D2TM source code.

In my previous post I mentioned I was working on the ‘place it’ code. This has been fixed now. It is now possible to place structures again. And that makes the new version (0.4.3 for now) much more playable. If you compile the project yourself, just do an svn up to get the most recent source code.


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Version 0.6.0 – YT Demo
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Hey #IndieDevHour,
I'm excited to announce that I'll be releasing #UnDUNE2 THIS weekend! 😅🗓
It's a full #Pico8 demake of the classic "DUNE II" game, which I've been working on (+off) in my spare time, alongside @gruber_music

#IndieDev #GameDev #PixelArt #RetroGaming #DOSgaming

TIL: It is not required to have beautiful code to have a succesful #indiegame. Whenever I think my code is bad, I look at VVVVV's code and imagine that code is but a part of the whole and not required for success :) (see https://github.com/TerryCavanagh/VVVVVV/blob/master/desktop_version/src/Game.cpp)

Testing AI is sometimes hard in debug mode. You get nuked within minutes. But I got to see what I wanted, (Harkonnen response on me attacking/approaching their base). Which is ok! :) #gamedev #indiedev #d2tm #dune

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