10+ years after the release of DEMO 4, the day has come that Dune 2 – The Maker gets a new version. No more DEMO versions, just normal versioning, beginning with 0.5.0 from now on.

In a nutshell this version brings the following new features:

The full changelog of this version can be found here.


You can grab version 0.5.0 (d2tm.zip file) from here. Unpack, and execute. And you’re on your way. Be sure to read the controls.txt file so you know some of the hotkeys (like repairing, etc).

Special thanks

I want to thank Arjen van de Ende (lot of pairing sessions hacking at the new features) and Bruno Antunes (playtesting and providing general feedback) for their efforts. Without your help I wouldn’t have got this far. Thanks!

What does it look like?

If you want to see some action first, you can take a peek here:


If you want to provide feedback, you can email me, use Twitter (handle @dune2themaker) or post your feedback at the forums. Another way is creating a Github ticket (if you’re able).


It all started a few months ago… and instead of worrying about the future I just kept hacking at it. One feature or bug at the time.

This version took me 5-6 months of 2-3 nights a week (on average) and I enjoyed every minute of it. On to the next version! πŸ™‚

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