Next in 0.6.0 super weapons… the Ordos Saboteur!

This one took some work; basically the code to have units ‘enter’ a structure was very specifically written for Harvesters or for the Repair Facility. Anything else was not supported.

The Saboteur itself is relatively easy as it is ‘built’ by the Palace (and spawns next to it), however it needs to be quick and move into a structure to destroy it.

Additionally when a tracked unit (tank/launcher/Devastator, etc) will try to squish the Saboteur it will be destroyed:

The Saboteur is hard to see (intentionally) due to its greyish colors. Also it is very quick and can ‘outrun’ most units (don’t think too much about it). It still needs some tweaking and will probably become more balanced in future versions.

The Saboteur in action:

Additionally I implemented the ability for infantry/troopers to enter a structure and let the structure take damage. This will be expanded upon later to make it possible to capture buildings


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Nice, did some work. Went through a few PR's and merged them. Mostly technical stuff, but I'm glad I have some energy now to do stuff.

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