In Dune 2, generally when the enemy AI has not yet detected the human player it will be passive. Usually due reinforcements the AI will have “detected” the human player and begins its attacks.

One of the reasons is to give the human player some time to build a base and economy to counter any attacks.

Although this will work, I felt it would be a nice addition to let the AI ‘scout’ for the human player as well. This had two purposes for me:

  • it makes more sense to have the AI ‘search’ for the player
  • it would be a challenge to add a second kind of AI “mission” (next to the “attack mission”) and have one mission influence another

It also meant the AI had to have some sense of ‘peacefulness’. So now the gist of it is:

  • AI is ‘peaceful’
  • AI has a timer to do nothing

Unfortunately so far I noticed that whenever the mission contains reinforcements that the scout mission is usually not executed. When I disable the reinforcements it works fine though.

However, the nice thing about the AI rewrite now is that I could use this mission for Skirmish AI as well, even though the Skirmish AI still needs to be (re)written.


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