I’m working on rewriting the AI, which is quite more work than anticipated. However, I am glad to let you know the AI is able to use the same super weapons as a human player can do.

Demo/Playtest session

Starting at the moment AI sends Fremen in…


The AI will select a random structure and move the saboteur into it.


Same goes for deathhand. This takes the longest time to ‘build’, the AI selects a random structure and attacks it. Since the deathhand is not very precise you can be lucky and your base will not be destroyed. However, if you are unlucky…


The Fremen is – at the moment – a different AI that attacks the ‘enemy team’. When the AI is “Atreides” it can spawn the Fremen and they will attack any enemy unit/structure (randomly choosen). At the moment I don’t know what would happen in a Skirmish game (where the player AND the AI can be Atreides and thus spawn Fremen).

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Health wise I am not improving (instead things get worse), this severely impacts family life stuff. I hope to see a bit of improvements in the coming weeks after taking drastic measures.

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