Time flies for sure. Today it has been one year ago I started working on this project again. I started small and only after a few weeks of progress and feeling out where things went I decided to post about this projects revival.

Looking back I’m glad I did. It took (a lot) hours of work, most of them in the (very) late hours.


  • Released version (0.5.0) with major features such as zooming in/out, viewport dragging and higher resolutions. These all things required quite some work under the hood in the old code to get it to work. This was quite a milestone. It took perseverance to get it out before the end of the year.
  • Progressed further with a (to be released) 0.6.0 version which improves further upon the higher resolutions, making sure all screens look neat. Introducing super weapons, bigger maps, rewritten AI and quite a bunch of other improvements.
  • New website with more regular posts
  • A “Buy me a coffee” support page has been set up
  • A Discord where you can chat with me, and other D2TM players.

Some statistics

  • Release 0.5.0 is downloaded 186 times
  • Release 0.6.0 is in development and at around 65% done.

Website (visits & posts)

Since the (old) website didn’t work well with tracking visits anymore, I had revamped this in November when rebuilding the website. Weirdly enough I can find some old stats of 2019, the averaging around ~200 page visits per month.

Since November 2020 the average visits per month are ~ 335.

The most visited month was December (most likely due the release of version 0.5.0).

On average there where 3 posts/updates per month.


So far people bought me 3 coffee’s and 1 year of Kofi-gold!


There are now ~ 320 followers on twitter. The new Youtube channel has now 20 subscribers.

Thank you!

For all those who have supported me the last year, by either just visiting the website, replying to any blog posts, visiting the forums, tweeting or downloading and playing the game. I am

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