During some playtesting I noticed something off with the Sandworms. They had very long trails – looking ugly. But also their drawing is weird.

I tried to fix it, it was better but still not 100%:

something is off

So I dug further. And yes, finally the Sandworms render as expected.

Fixed!… but what about that “eating animation” ?

Eating animation(s)

I played around with some variations. I played around with reducing the time between frames when animating. At last I kept a fixed frame time. I am curious what you think. Let me know on Discord, Twitter or other ways which variations you like best!

First try (1st frame goes too fast)

Second (1st frame better, but time between frames goes down too fast)

Third (better)

Final (simple fixed time between frames)

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Version 0.6.0 – YT Demo
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Hey #IndieDevHour,
I'm excited to announce that I'll be releasing #UnDUNE2 THIS weekend! 😅🗓
It's a full #Pico8 demake of the classic "DUNE II" game, which I've been working on (+off) in my spare time, alongside @gruber_music

#IndieDev #GameDev #PixelArt #RetroGaming #DOSgaming

TIL: It is not required to have beautiful code to have a succesful #indiegame. Whenever I think my code is bad, I look at VVVVV's code and imagine that code is but a part of the whole and not required for success :) (see https://github.com/TerryCavanagh/VVVVVV/blob/master/desktop_version/src/Game.cpp)

Testing AI is sometimes hard in debug mode. You get nuked within minutes. But I got to see what I wanted, (Harkonnen response on me attacking/approaching their base). Which is ok! :) #gamedev #indiedev #d2tm #dune

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