Work has begun on the new Skirmish AI. Building upon the foundation laid by the Campaign AI.

See below a GIF how the AI builds a base, you can see one bug still when placing a Windtrap; which has been fixed after I saw it.

The new Skirmish AI logic is a bit smarter when placing structures; at first it decides where to put the structure before building anything. Once building the structure is completed, and can be placed, the AI will re-evaluate if the structure can be placed. If not, it will check what prevents it from placing. When it is a unit that the AI owns, it will try to move it away. If its not, then it will simply rethink about where to place it. If it can’t place it (due whatever reason), it will abort the build. (gets a refund, etc).

Another thing I have fixed in this AI, is that it knows beforehand if it will run out of power when building the new structure. If so, it will build a Windtrap first.

The AI is also now bound to the same rules as the human player, meaning it will need to upgrade the CONSTYARD to get the ability to build Rocket Turrets.

A demonstration:

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Path finding progress demo... made it so I use a priority_queue, did X4 speedup. Nice! #indiedev #gamedev #d2tm #dune2

Path finding testing is done on a map (64x64) where only 1 possible path exists between two corners of the map. I also found a bug in the heuristic function - it would evaluate too many cells. With that sped up greatly, but still needs to be faster.

Spent more hours on path finding. Still too slow! (100/200ms for 1 unit, finding 1 path is SUPER SLOW (on complex map)). Need to shave off more milliseconds.

It is not so hard to implement a new pathfinding algorithm. The harder part is to make it perform properly. Especially when you send over groups of units. #indiedev #gamedev #dune2 #d2tm #remake

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