If you think there is nothing happening, you’re wrong. I have decided, after much thinking, to rewrite the engine. I […]
So recently I was asked about a roadmap of Dune II – The Maker. And frankly, the only thing I […]
A new unstable has been released. There are a lot of changes under the hood, but you will not find […]
In case you’re wondering if anything is being worked on… Let me shed some light… You can see for yourself […]
Its a tiny feature, but it will make life easier for development. The next version will tell what revision number […]
As reported in one of the comments, the latest unstable release will crash horribly when playing the campaign. Be advised […]
So it has been, almost a year ago I had released an unstable WIP version… So its time to release […]
I’ve had a holiday and have worked on D2TM from there when I felt like it. The result is actually […]
I’ve been quite busy with real life things. But D2TM is not far from my mind. Most recently I’ve discovered […]
I had refactored quite a lot. So much that I had broken a few existing features. Like skirmish mode. Just […]
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